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BIOGRAPHY: The 1980s

Corman decided to sell New World to a consortium of lawyers in 1982. He had watched as the kind of movies that had previously been his province - horror, sex, science fiction - were now being created by the big Hollywood studios who were making them on the kind of budgets he wouldn't even entertain let alone aspire to. So as the company started to make a loss for the first time, he bailed out but cannily kept hold of the rights to his extensive back catalogue and took most of his creative team with him.

The plan was to create another new company that would produce films for New World to distribute. But it got off to a shaky start when Corman sued his old company for failing to pay and New World sued Corman for allegedly reneging on a deal not to distribute movies through his new outfit, Concorde-New Horizons. The matter was settled out of court with Corman walking away the winner.

Concorde-New Horizons was seen by Corman as a way to carry on making movies but without the need to get involved in tedious distribution deals. He was originally talking to four independent producers with a view to setting up a distribution arm, but that fell through and Corman was soon back in the distribution game. But this time, there was a very important difference.

Concorde-New Horizons emerged during the first flush of the home video boom and Corman was as quick as ever to spot the potential in this new medium. Not only did he have a fabulous back catalogue to feed the increasingly hungry video industry, but he saw the potential of making films specifically aimed at video distribution. It was another winner for Corman who was one of the first producers to whole-heartedly embrace video as a distribution tool.

If anything, Concorde-New Horizons was even more prolific than New World but it was clear to just about everyone that standards were dropping. New New World films were hardly paragons of technical excellence, but they had an energy and charm that all-too-many of the 90s films that bore Corman's name seemed to lack. The sheer number of films being produced precluded any serious attempts at making a decent film and Concorde-New Horizons products were soon the detritus clogging up the bottom shelves of video stores around the world.

But just as we were about to write Corman off as a spent force, he did something completely unexpected...



* = television

Battle Beyond the Stars
(executive producer)
Los 7 magníficos del espacio - Spanish title
Batalha para Além das Estrelas - Portugese title
Bitwa poza gwiazdami - Polish title
Kriget bortom stjärnorna - Swedish title
I magnifici sette nello spazio - Italian title
Les mercenaires de l'espace - French title
Sador - Herrscher im Weltraum - West German title
Vaarojen planeetta - Finnish title

Dr Heckyl and Mr Hype (script)
Dr Heckyl und Mr Hype - West German title

Humanoids from the Deep (producer (uncredited))
Das Grauen aus der Tiefe - West German title
Humanoides del abismo - Spanish title
Humanoids de les profunditats - Catalan Spanish title
Humanoids of the Deep
Humanoidy z glebin
- Polish title
Monster - esseri ignoti dai profondi abissi - Italian title
Les monstres de la mer
- French title

Galaxy of Terror
Galaktyka terroru - Polish title
La galaxia del terror - Spanish title
La galaxie de la terreur - French title
Kauhun planeetta - Finnish title
Mindwarp: An Infinity of Terror
Il pianeta del terrore
- Italian title
Planet des Schreckens - West German title
Planet of Horrors

The Howling (special thanks, performer (man in phone booth - uncredited))
Aullidos - Spanish title
Hurlements - French title
The howling - ulvonta - Finnish title
Das Tier - West German title
O Uivo da Fera - Portugese title
L'ululato - Italian title
Varulvarna - Swedish title

(executive producer)
Der Android - West German title
Androide - Spanish title
Androidi - kaksintaistelu avaruudessa - Finnish title
Roboman - Finnish video title

Forbidden World (producer)
Kielletty maailma - Finnish title
Mutant - Das Grauen im All - West German title

Sorceress (producer)
Los barbaros - Mexican title
Czarownica - Polish title
Mächte des Lichts - West German title
Pimeyden ruhtinaat - Finnish title
La spada e la magia - Italian title

Der Stand der Dinge (performer (the lawyer))
O Estado das Coisas - Brazilian title
O Estado das Coisas - Portugese title
El estado de las cosas - Spanish title
L'état des choses - French Canadian title
La situación de las cosas - Chilean title
The State of Things
Lo stato delle cose
- Italian title

(executive producer)
El cazador de la muerte - Argentinian title
Lowca smierci - Polish title
Der Todesjäger - West German title
El último guerrero - Spanish title

The Horror of It All (performer (himself)) *

Space Raiders (producer)
Star Child
- Finnish video title
Weltraumpiraten - West German title

The Warrior and the Sorceress
O Guerreiro E a Espada - Brazilian title
Kain del planeta oscura - Argentine title
Kain il mercenario - Italian title
Striden om ura - Swedish title
The Warrior - Hungarian / West German title

Barbarian Queen
(executive producer)
Barbarian Queen - French title
Królowa barbarzynców - Polish title
Queen of the Naked Steel
La regina dei barbari
- Italian title
Reina salvaje - Argentinian title

School Spirit (executive producer)
Der Ausgeflippte College-Geist - West German title
School Spirit - kummitus käy kuumana - Finnish title

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom (executive producer)
L'anello incantato - Italian title
Os Guerreiros do Reino Perdido - Brazilian title
Kadonneet velhot - Finnish title
Les magiciens du royaume perdu - French title
El mago del reino perdido - Argentinian title
Der Zauberring - West German television title

(executive producer)
Amazon - Finnish video title
Amazonas - Argentinian / Venezuelan title
As Amazonas - Portugese video title
Im Reich der Amazonen - West German title

Chopping Mall (executive producer)
Kuoleman kauppa
- Finnish title
Shopping - French title
Supermarket horror - Italian title

Deathstalker II
(executive producer)
El cazador de la muerte II - Argentinian title
Deathstalker II - Duello di titani - Italian title
Deathstalker II: Duel of the Titans
Mystor - Der Todesjäger II -
West German title

Munchies (producer)
Glufz - Finnish / Swedish title

Slumber Party Massacre II (executive producer (uncredited))
Don't Let Go
- Brazilian title
Massacre II - Brazilian television title
Mord podczas nudnego przyjecia - Polish title
Slumber Party Massacre - West German title

Sorority House Massacre (executive producer (uncredited))
Death House - Hungarian / West German title
Una lama nella notte - Italian title
Masakra w domu kobiet - Polish title
Massacre - French video title

Stripped to Kill (executive producer)
Desnuda para matar - Venezuelan title
Kohtalokas tehtävä - Finnish title
Strip-Tease da Morte - Brazilian title

Andy Colby's Incredible Adventure
(executive producer)
Andy and the Airwave Rangers
Andy Colby w swiecie video
- Polish title
Andy Colby's Incredible Video Adventure
Andy Colby's Incredibly Awesome Adventure
As Assombrosas Peripécias de Andy Colby
- Brazilian title
Las aventuras de Andy Colby - Spanish title
Hwan sang wui video channel - South Korean television title
Phantastic Adventure - West German title

Apprentice to Murder (executive producer)
Kuoleman oppipoika - Finnish title
Die Nacht der Dämonen - West German title
La notte dello sciamano - Italian title
Uczen mordercy - Polish title

Crime Zone (executive producer)
Crime Zone - Die Hölle auf Erden - German television title

Dance of the Damned (executive producer)
Taniec przeketych - Polish title

The Drifter (executive producer)
Wedrowiec - Polish title

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (director of archive footage (uncredited))
Elvira - Spanish title
Elvira - A Rainha das Trevas - Brazilian title
Elvira - Herrscherin der Dunkelheit - West German title
Una strega chiamata Elvira - Italian title
Yön kuningatar - Finnish title

The Lawless Land (executive producer)
Laiton maa - Finnish title
Tödliche Flucht - West German title

The New Gladiators (executive producer)
Nowi gladiatorzy - Polish title

Watchers (executive producer)
Alterazione genetica - Italian title
Obserwatorzy - Polish title
Proyecto: terror - Spanish title

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II (executive producer)
Kadonneen valtakunnan taikurit - Finnish title
Ein Königreich vor unserer Zeit - West German title
Il regno dei malvagi stregoni - Italian title

Deathstalker III: Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell
(executive producer)
Deathstalker 3
Deathstalker 3: The Warriors from Hell
Deathstalker III - I guerrieri dell'inferno
- Italian title
Deathstalker III: Guerreiros do Inferno - Portugese title
Le guerrier de l'enfer 3 - French title

Hollywood Boulevard II (executive producer, performer (himself))
Back to Hollywood Boulevard
Ruvella koko homma
- Finnish title

Lords of the Deep (producer, performer)
Les seigneurs des abîmes - French title

Masque of the Red Death (producer)
La máscara de la muerte roja - Venezuelan title
Máscara Mortal - Brazilian title
La maschera della morte rossa - Italian title
Die Maske des roten Todes - West German title

Stripped to Kill II: Live Girls (executive producer)
Desnuda para matar II - Venezuelan title
Razor-blade - Finnish title
Stripped to Kill II

The Terror Within (producer)
Good Night Hell - West German title
M.N.I. mutants non identifiés - French title
Tappavaa terroria - Finnish title

Time Trackers (executive producer)

Warlock (executive producer of 1989 version for New World Pictures)
El brujo - Argentinian title
Czarnoksieznik - Polish title
Sortilégio - Portugese title
Warlock - Satans Sohn - West German title
Warlock - Finish television title


Smokey Bites the Dust
Le convoi des casseurs - French title
Pellit kasaan ja pakoon - Finnish title
Purken biter i støvet - Norwegian title
Die Total verrückte Highway-Polizei - German title

The Territory (producer)
Le territoire - French title
O Território – Portugese title

Hell's Angels Forever

White Star (producer)
Let It Rock

(executive producer)
All Shook Up! - UK video title
Hullu kesäleiri - Finnish title
Das Turbogeile Feriencamp - German title

Streetwalkin' (producer)
City Streets
- Venezuelan title
Prostituzione - Italian title
Yöihmiset - Finnish title

Suburbia (producer)
Rebel Streets
The Wild Side
Suburbia - laitapuoliset, kadun kapinalliset
- Finnish title

Swing Shift (performer (Mr MacBride))
Chicas en pie de guerra - Spanish title
Nashim B'Oreff – Israeli title
Swing Shift - Liebe auf Zeit - German title
Tempo di swing - Italian title
Tjejen som jobbade skift - Swedish title
Tyttö joka paiski töitä - Finnish title

Cocaine Wars
American Scorpion - German title
Kokainowe wojny - Polish title
La muerte blanca – Argentinian title
Vice Wars

Eye of the Eagle (executive producer)
Oko orla - Polish title

Summer Camp Nightmare (executive producer)

Big Bad Mama II
Big Bad Mama II - German title
Sroga mam II - Polish title

Hour of the Assassin (executive producer)
Pirullinen juoni - Finnish title
Stunde der Meuchelmörder - German title

Saigon Commandos (executive producer)

Beach Balls
(executive producer)
Beachballs - video title
Party selvaggio - Italian title
Plazowe szalenstwa - Polish title

Daddy's Boys (executive producer)
Famiglia maledetta - Italian title
Grunt to rodzinka - Polish title

Emmanuelle 6 (executive producer)
Emmanuelle - Amazone des Dschungels - German video title

Two to Tango (producer)
Dwoje do tanga - Polish title
Kuoleman tanssi - Finnish title
Matar es morir un poco – Argentinian title
Tango für einen Killer - German title
Tango per un killer - Italian title

Blood Fist Fighter - German title
Bloodfist - Spanish title

Heroes Stand Alone (executive producer)
Helden sterben einsam - German title

Primary Target (executive producer)
Dødens triangel – Danish video title
Kuoleman kolmio - Finnish title
Laos crocevia della violenza - Italian title

Silk 2 (executive producer)
Silk 2 - Hart wie Seide, Sanft wie Stahl - West German title


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