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Bugs (2003)

Another dumb SciFi Channel quickie, at once a generic entry in the 'big bug' sub-genre and a specific ripoff of Mimic. A deep-level subway line, constructed by the usual nasty tycoon (Karl Pruner), opens a cavern and releases hibernating giant scorpion things. The monsters kill a stray cop who has pursued a suspect below the streets and then slaughter a trainful of potential investors. FBI agent Matt Pollack (Antonio Sabato Jr), who is supposed to be tracking a serial killer, babe entomologist Emily Foster (Angie Everhart), who is sure that insects are behind the killings, get together with train expert Reynolds (R.H. Thomson) and a crew of expendable SWAT grunts to find out what's going on below the streets and deal with it. Nothing unexpected happens, from the messy marauding of the CGI monsters to the sneaky plotting of the human villain, and all the supporting cast get slaughtered before the Queen is killed by the self-sacrificing Reynolds, who rams an exploding train into the nest. It's watchable schlock, but really could do with a few new wrinkles. Directed by Joseph Conti.

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