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The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks (2001)

Having done vampires in a private school in The Brotherhood, this follow-up switches menaces but otherwise reprises exactly the low-wattage homoeroticism and facile social commentary of the original. With significant character names all round, this is the story of Matt, Marcus, Luc and John: hero / narrator John (Sean Faris) is one of a clique of notional outcasts, picked on by the jocks of Chandler Academy until Luc (Forrest Cochran) shows up to prevent him being humiliated in a naked locker room incident. Luc recruits John and his friends Matt (Justin Allen) and Marcus (C.J. Thomason) into a witchy circle which involves breaking all ten commandments and doing away with their tormentors. Finally, John rebels against Luc, who is a devilish force, calling upon the aid of literally angelic history teacher Mrs Stevens (Jennifer Capo). Director David DeCoteau, as usual, finds many excuses to strip the shirts off his toned young male leads, but the story is pat, predictable and winds down to a damp squib finish.

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