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Bite! (1991)

Another study of vampire dating habits in Los Angeles, with a vague plot echo of Son of Dracula. Victoria (Alicyn Sterling), a sulky goth with a black wig and unusual nipples, is so intrigued by cloak-wearing, slick-haired Lugosi-voiced Tom Brandberg (Buck Adams) that she seduces him. He bites her three times (which turns her into a vampire), then she drives a stake through his heart so that she can be the unrivalled local bloodsucker. She has the ability to make men see her as other women, an excuse to get P.J. Sparxx and Alexandria Quinn on to do a couple of sex scenes, but it turns out that the local bartender she seduces as Quinn is Tom's equally vampiric brother Alex (Mike Horner), who finally stakes her. The vampire action is limited to a few fang-flashes, and – despite the callousness of all involved – it's a fairly friendly effort. Horner, who would play Dracula in Leena Meets Frankenstein, has a quiet specialty in horror-porno roles, appearing in Sex Dreams on Maple Street (1985), The Lust potion of Dr F (1986), Little Shop of Whores (1986), Nightmare on Porn Street (1988), Mummy Dearest (1990), Tailiens 3 (1992), Jack the Stripper (1993), Whorelock (1993), The Maddams Family (1993) and Interview with a Vamp (1994).

First Published In: Shivers (issue unknown)

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