Being Considered (2000)

Falling off the British Film Mountain is this unsympathetic Britflick insider movie, which is about a writer who can't get his scripts made but is made from the sort of script that seems a couple of notches below what he'd manage. Jake Spoonbender (James Drefus) is a whiny, goateed 25-year-old who looks to be in his early 30s, a Jewish American in London who fouls up with his girlfriend (Tania Levey), whines and backbites about his stalled screenwriting career, takes useless meetings with his agent (Nicholas LePrevost), abuses his best friend (Adam Levy) when he tries to persuade the girl to take him back and incites his paranoia and cops way too many Woodysims from on-the-couch analysis sessions to a feeble black and white Seventh Seal parody. The counterpoint sub-plot features JoJo Garfunkel (Tom Farrelly), an Irish chancer in a Superman t-shirt, who steals Jake's briefcase from his car and finds a disc with a script (Going All the Way) which he rewrites and improves (retitled Absolute Instinct), then sells to producers who have rejected Jake and even runs into Kevin Costner (not seen) in a white stretch limo ('The Postman'). It has a nice burbly score and gets points for underused London and Brighton locations, but the main character is just too much of a schmuck to win any sympathy. It's not funny, not profound and not interesting. Written, directed, and presumably enjoyed by Jonathan Newman.

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