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Because the Dawn (1988)

An Anne Billson-lookalike singing French Draculette (Edwige) wanders the rock video streets of New York, picking off muggers and coach drivers. She meets up with a fashion photographer and expresses a wish to be put up on a billboard in order to experience a form of mortality. With some '40s-esque blues tunes and lots of style, this wins out over The Hunger in the modern vampire stakes, but still manages to seem overextended at three quarters of an hour. It's a short story movie, and avoids any mystification of the vampire figure, presenting her in her cape and Marlene outfit as a sensual adventuress, while harping on the brand of undead melancholia found in Anne Rice's novels or Near Dark. Arch, but interesting in its odd little way. Directed by Amy Goldstein.

First Published In: City Limits (issue unknown)

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