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The Bagman (2002)

Utterly worthless shot-on-video trash. In the prologue, some elderly teens are tormenting a disfigured classmate. The local bully puts a burlap bag (with a stitched smile) over his head and apparently drowns him. The main plot has the now-chubby Bagman (Ron Ford) gruesomely murdering his grown-up tormentors, while the one girl who tried to stop the crime has grown up to be an FBI agent (Stephanie Beaton) in town to get evidence against the head bully, who is now a corrupt cop (Paul Zanone). It offers entry-level film techniques, including scenes where five or six characters assume a pose and then struggle through long dialogue and rotten dismemberment and burn-face make-up. The slasher storyline, alternating softcore sex and amateur splat, is dispensed with in the first half, then the film marks time with asides about the crooked cop, including a scene where he almost has sex with a transvestite, until the limp climax. Directed by Rae Fitzpatrick.

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