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Bad Dreams (1988)

Traumatised during a '70s Jonestown-style mass cult suicide, leftover flower child Jennifer Ruben wakes up in the '80s and finds that the deep-fried Manson-type she once hung out with is pretty pissed off that she didn't die like all his other followers, and thus seems to be killing off all her therapy group in an attempt to persuade her to top herself and join in the unity and oneness of the universe. A serviceable premise gets hammered into the ground by one of those duff scripts it takes five writers to create, with more holes than a St Valentine's Day Massacre victim, and plenty of ham actors being suspicious. Richard Lynch isn't bad as the echt-Freddy guru, but Bruce Abbott and Harris Yulin as loony shrinks chew up the scenery, and Ruben keeps forgetting what her characterisation is supposed to be.

First Published In: Empire

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