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Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

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US 1-sheet poster
Country of Origin: USA
Year of Production: 2013
Format: 35mm film, Redcode RAW, dual-strip 3D, digital cinema
Colour Format: colour, black and white
Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1 [opening sequence], 2.35:1
Sound: Dolby Digital, Datasat, SDDS
Language: English
Article Grading: D (what does this mean?)


An American fantasy film directed by Sam Raimi.


Circus magician Oscar Diggs finds himself whisked off to the land of Oz where he passes himself off as the fabled Wizard. The witches Theodora, Evanora and Glinda see through him and Oscar finds himself struggling to work our who is friend and who is enemy in this strange world.


Carstvo velikog Oza - Croatian title
Fantastische Welt von Oz, Die - German title
Grande e potente Oz, Il - Italian title
Grozavul si puternicul Oz - Romanian title
Mahtava Oz - Finnish title
Monde fantastique d'Oz, Le - French title
Muhtesem ve Kudretli Oz - Turkish title
Óz, a hatalmas - Hungarian title
Oz, el poderoso - Chilean title
Oz, un mundo de fantasía - Spanish title
Oz, veliki i mocni - Serbian title
Oz: El poderoso - Argentine title
Oz: Mágico e Poderoso - Brazilian title
Oz: Megas kai pantodynamos - Greek title
Oz: O Grande e Poderoso - Portuguese title
Oz: Wielki i potezny - Polish title
Ozas: didis ir galingas - Lithuanian title


Directed by: Sam Raimi


© 2013 Disney Enterprises, Inc.
For the purposes of United Kingdom copyright, Disney Enterprises, Inc. was the owner of copyright in this film immediately after it was made.
Disney presents
A Roth Films production
In association with Curtis-Donen Productions
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Executive Producers: Grant Curtis, Palak Patel, Josh Donen, Philip Steuer
Produced by: Joe Roth
Co-Producers: Tamara Watts Kent, K.C. Hodenfield, W. Mark McNair
Associate Producer: Debbi Bossi
Unit Production Managers: W. Mark McNair, Philip Steuer
Production Supervisors: Matthew Hirsch, Brittney Nance
Production Coordinator: Sean Gowrie
Assistant Production Coordinators: Oscar J. Flores, Aaron Lebovic

Screenplay by: Mitchell Kapner and David Lindsay-Abaire
Screen Story by: Mitchell Kapner
Based on the works of: L. Frank Baum

Second Unit Directors: Jeffrey A. Lynch, Scott Rogers
First Assistant Director: K.C. Hodenfield
Second Assistant Directors: Jeffrey Schwartz, Jeff Okabayashi
2nd Assistant Director (Second Unit): Tony Griffin
2nd 2nd Assistant Director: Michael Saunders
Additional 2nd Assistant Directors: Michele Cusick, Mark Ballou
Script Supervisor: Becky Boyle
Script Supervisor (Second Unit): Alexa Alden

Director of Photography: Peter Deming
Director of Photography (Second Unit): Paul Sanchez
Camera Operators: Patrick Rousseau, Kim Marks
First Assistant Camera: David Eubank, Dennis Seawright
1st Assistant Camera (Second Unit): Tommy Klines
Second Assistant Camera: Claire Farrand-Stone, Randy Stone
2nd Assistant Camera (Second Unit): Paul Tilden
Camera Utility (Second Unit): Sharon Courtney
Digital Imaging Technician: Ryan Nguyen
Digital Imaging Technician (Second Unit): Paul Maletich
Digital Asset Manager: Zack Bunker
3D Rig Technician: Joshua Greer
3D Rig Technician (Second Unit): Chris Burket
Data Management Supervisor: Kyle Spicer
Stereographer: James Goldman
Digital Utility: Eric Pickett
Loader: Nickolas Gilbert
Libra Head Operator: Adam Austin
Libra Head Operator (Second Unit): Aaron York
Stereoscopic Supervisor: Ed Marsh
Video Supervisor: Ian Kelly
Video Assist Operator: Michael Herron
Video Assist Operator (Second Unit): Sam Harrison
Video Assist Utility: Roger C. Johnson
Chief Lighting Technician: Michael LaViolette
Chief Lighting Technician (Second Unit): Thomas Franchett
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician: Andy C. Huber
Asst. Chief Lighting Technician (Second Unit): Richard Lamphiear
Lighting Programmers: Patrick George, John Bradley
Set Lighting Technicians: Michael Berlucchi, Jesse Cecchini, Joe George, Nick Ostrovsky, David A. Parks, Brad Knopf, Brad Irvin, Chris Ritter, Benjamin Bazmore
Rigging Gaffer: Rodger Meilink
Best Boy Rigging Electric: David Thielhart
Key Grip: Philip M. Sloan
Key Grip (Second Unit): Steele Hunter
Best Boy Grip: Paul Wilkowsky
Best Boy Grip (Second Unit): Tiffany Burns
"A" Dolly Grip: Tim Collins
"B" Dolly Grips: Tommy Daguanno, Ray Skinner
Dolly Grip (Second Unit): Fred Cooper
Key Rigging Grip: Tracy Neftzger
Best Boy Rigging Grip: Richard Kuhn
Grips: William McDevitt, Douglas Dole, Tony Boura, Erik F. Hill, Kevin Fannon, Ray Moran, Ryan Moran, Thom Bookout, Mark Vollmer, Richard C. Crompton
Still Photographer: Merie Weismiller Wallace

Film Editor: Bob Murawski
First Assistant Editor: Dov Samuel
Assistant Editors: Jessica Schulte Jones, Lara Mazzawi
Supervising Visual Effects Editor: Jody Fedele
Visual Effects Editor: Roxanne Dorman
Visual Effects Assistant Editor: Claudia Huerta
Editorial Coordinator: Ozzy Inguanzo
Assistant Post Production Coordinator: Jason Sinclair
Post Production Assistants: Glen McGee, Lynn Yuhn
Fotokem NextLab Technicians: Eric Cameron, Bryan Golder
Prints by DeLuxe

Digital Intermediate provided by: Company 3
Colorist: Stephen Nakamura
Conform Artist: Joe Ken
DI Producer: Erik Rogers
DI Technologist: Mike Chiado
Color Assistant: Travis Flynn
Avid Technician: Jerry Sawyer

Music by: Danny Elfman
Additional Arrangements by: TJ Lindgren
Supervising Orchestrator: Steve Bartek
Orchestrations by: Edgardo Simone, Dave Slonaker
Orchestra Contractor: Gina Zimmitti
Choir Contractor: Bobbi Page
Orchestra Conducted by: Pete Anthony
Digital Orchestral Timings: Richard Grant
Supervising Music Editor: Bill Abbott
Music Editor: Shie Rozow
Temp Music Editor: Ellen Segal
Assistant Music Editor: Denise Okimoto
Score Recorded by: Dennis Sands
Additional Recording by: Noah Snyder
Score Recorded at: Sony Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA, Studio Della Morte, Los Angeles, CA
Score Mixed by: Dennis Sands, Alan Meyerson
Score Mixed at: Todd AO West, W. LA, CA, Remote Control Studios, Santa Monica, CA
MIDI Supervision & Preparation: Marc Mann
Recordists: Noah Snyder, Adam Olmstead, Adam Michalak
Mix Assistants: Christian Wenger, Greg Hayes
Technical Assistant: Greg Maloney
Assistant to Danny Elfman: Melissa Karaban
Music Assistant to Danny Elfman: Melisa McGregor
Music Preparation: Rob Skinnell, Reprise Music Services
Additional Music Preparation: Booker White, Walt Disney Music Library
Pre-Record Preparation: Joseph Magee

"Almost Home"
Performed by Mariah Carey
Produced by Mariah Carey and Stargate for 45th & 3rd Music LLC
Written by Simone Porter, Justin Gray, Lindsey Ray, Tor Erik Hermansen, Mikkel Eriksen and Mariah Carey
Courtesy of Island Records

"The Munchkin Welcome Song"
Music written by Danny Elfman
Lyrics written by David Lindsay-Abaire
Performed by Danny Elfman

"Oz's Magic Show Piano"
Written and performed by David Reinstein

Soundtrack available on Walt Disney Records

Sound Mixer: Petur Hliddal
Sound Mixer (Second Unit): Beau Williams
Boom Operators: Gail Carroll-Coe , Peggy Names
Boom Operator (Second Unit): Neal Garon
Sound Utility Technician: John W. DeMonaco
Sound Designer: Steve Tushar
Supervising Sound Editor: Jussi Tegelman
Sound Editors: Greg ten Bosch, Daniel Pagan
First Assistant Sound Editor: Andy Sisul
Re-Recording Mixers: Marti D. Humphrey, Chris M. Jacobson
Re-Recordist: Tom Y. Burns
Supervising Dialogue and ADR Editor: Susan Dudeck
Dialogue Editors: Alison Fisher, R.J. Kizer
ADR Mixer: Howard London
Stage Engineer: Edward J. Hernandez
ADR Voice Casting: Wendy Hoffmann & Ranjani Brow
Foley Supervisor: Jonathan Klein
Foley Editor: Willard Overstreet
Foley Artists: Alex Ullrich, Amy Kane
Foley Mixer: John Sanacore
Post Sound Services Provided by: Sony Pictures Studios, Culver City, CA

Costume Designers: Gary Jones, Michael Kutsche
Assistant Costume Designers: Jessica Peel-Scott, Gali Noy
Costume Supervisor: John Casey
Key Costumer: Tony Velasco
Costumers: Bill Campbell, Corey Deist, Barbara Marko, Sanford Slepak, Hilary Sahn
Costumer for Mr. Franco: David Page
Set Costumers: John Voght, May McClurg, Michelle Hutchins
Costume Illustrator: Alan Villanueva
Manufacturing Foreperson: Dodson Elliott
Cutter/Fitter: Kelly Gregson
Tableperson: Van Hua
Drapers: Hasmig Karagiosian, Hermine Keossian, Salbi Tarinian
Ager/Dyer: Troy David
Textile Artist: Doug Stewart
Seamstresses: Fahima Atrouni, Cynthia Bond
Costume Department Secretary: Krista Guggia
Makeup Department Head: Vivian Baker
Key Makeup Artist: Steven E. Anderson
Background Makeup Supervisors: Steve LaPorte, Leonard Engleman
Makeup Artists: Georgia Allen, Bree Shea
Personal Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist to Mr. Franco: Nana Fischer
Personal Makeup Artist to Ms. Kunis: Tracey Levy
Personal Makeup Artist to Ms. Weisz: Judy Chin
Additional Makeup Artists: Robin Beauchesne, David Atherton, Kymber Blake, Jennifer Zide-Essex, Margaret Prentice, Antonia Verna, Nedra Hainey, Elaine Offers, Gabe DeCunto, Robin Mathews, Jane Galli, Bill Corso, Amber Crowe, Debbie Darakdjian, Robbin Hawthorne, Stephanie "Shorty" Arble, Erika Broderdorf, Louise Holoday, Lauri Cuppetilli, Eleyna Brandt, Jessica Hernandez, Jayne Nelson, Monique Venier
Hair Department Head: Yolanda Toussieng
Co-Key Hair Stylists: Lumas Hamilton, Jules Holdren
Hair Stylists: Jeannette Moriarty, Denise Baker, Linda Rizzuto, Tanya Walker

Special Make-up Effects by: Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger
Special Makeup Effects by: KNB EFX Group, Inc.
Key Prosthetic Makeup Artist: Peter Montagna
Prosthetic Makeup Artists: Gino Crognale, Mark Boley, Richie Alonzo, Garrett Immel, Mike Mills, Mark Landon, Lee Grimes, Kevin Haney, Stephan Dupuis, Craig Reardon, Jamie Kelman, David Dupuis, Greg Nelson, Gregory Funk, Don Rutherford, Richard Redlefson, Bob Kurtzman, Daniel Phillips, Ken Diaz, Daniel Wagner, Conor McCullagh, James Lacey, Ozzy Alvarez, Jonah Levy, Toni G, Jonathan Shroyer, Joe Podnar, Stephen Prouty
Contact Lens Technician: Christina Gonzalez
Prosthetic Makeup Coordinator: Emily Kropp
Prosthetic Makeup Assistant: Katie Max

Special Effects Supervisor: Jim Schwalm
Special Effects Coordinator: John Frazier
Special Effects Set Foreman: Robert Bell
Special Effects Set Foreman (Second Unit): John Wonser
Special Effects Foreman (Second Unit): Steven E. Bunyea
Special Effects Technicians: Richie Schwalm, Carl Lipson, Mark Noel, David Revel, William Stephanoff, Robert Tyrrell, Mike Wever, Jeffrey A. Wischnack, J.D. Schwalm, Eric Frazier, Cindy Braga, H. Barclay Aaris

Visual Effects Supervisor: Scott Stokdyk
Visual Effects Supervisor (Second Unit): Bill Kent
Visual Effects Producer: Tamara Watts Kent
Animation Supervisor: Troy Saliba
Imageworks Senior Visual Effects Producer: Diana Stulic Ibanez
Visual Effects Coordinator: Ozzy Inguanzo
Visual Effects Production Supervisor: Alexa Hale
Digital Asset Manager: Craig Andujar
Visual Effects Coordinators: Christopher Blasko, Dianne Hardy, Jeff Reeves, Eric Withee
Visual Effects Assistant Coordinators: Bridget Swerecki, Richard Enriquez
Digital Asset Wrangler: Chris Engle
Digital Artist: Paul Allan LaFond
Visual Effects Plate Coordinators: Kerry Joseph, Rob McGlinchey
Visual Effects Data Wrangler: Tyler Ott
Visual Effects Assistant Data Wrangler: Wesley Barker
Visual Effects Set Photographer: Melissa Franco
Visual Effects Assistants: Michael P. Carmody, Nick Curdy, Briana Roecks, Paul Stevens, Nicholas Timmerman
Encodacam Operator: Hall Hutchison
Encodacam Engineer: Daniel Besocke
Encodacam Technician: David Mansour
Trimble Operator: Matt Hammarlund
Trimble Technician: Tou Yeng Xiong
Previs Artists: Rose Adler, James Kells

Visual Effects and Animation by: Sony Pictures Imageworks Inc.
Visual Effects Executive Producer: Debbie Denise
Visual Effects Producer: Christian Hejnal
Digital Effects Supervisors: Francisco X. DeJesus, Peter Nofz
CG Supervisors: JJ Blumenkranz, Danny Dimian, R. Stirling Duguid, Jason Greenblum, John Haley, Kevin Souls
Compositing Supervisor: Craig Wentworth
Stereographer: Scott Willman
Visual Effects Art Director: Steven Messing
Digital Producer: Mickey Levy
Digital Production Managers: Julie M. Groll, Jarrod Nesbit, Rebecca Rinn, Jeremie Winslow
Visual Effects Senior Editor: Elaine C. Andrianos
Visual Effects Editor: Allen Cappuccilli
Associate Production Managers: Thomas H. Core, Jesus De Santiago, Romney Marino, Colleen Murphy
Animation Coordinators: Amanda Hui, Alyse Joseph
Lighting Coordinators: Jennifer L. Avery, Shu Fujita, Ashley Koons, Jennifer S. Williams, Andrew Turner
Digital Coordinators: Joshua Fritchie, Tanner Joyce, Veronica Kablan, Benjamin Miller, Savina Roman, Kailin Ryan, Jeff Wong
Production Coordinator: Cameron Stephens
Modeling Supervisor: Moon-Jung Kang
Modeling Hard Surface Lead: Steven Browning
Character and Hard Surface Modelers: Yohan Bang, Aaron Hamman, Shinya Ishii, Andrew Lema, Eric Neill, Chris O'Connell, Jungeun Park, Taehyun Park, Nelson Sousa
Character Set-Up Supervisor: Terrence Robertson-Fall
Character Body and Facial Set-Up TDs: Aaron Campbell, Stephen Cullingford, Joshua Dicarlo
Character Pipeline Supervisor: Chuck Mcllvain
Character Pipeline Leads: Nathan Eriksen, Dan Ziegler
Character Pipeline TDs: Christian Aubert, Jesse Carlson, Brian M. Cohen, Ryan Sarah Cushman, Jessica Monteiro, Kurian Onnunny Samuel, Michael Souvage
Texture Paint Supervisor: Dennis Bredow
Texture Painters: Scott Bonnenfant, Edwin Fabros, Rebecca Heskes, Susan M. Kornfeld, Kelly McGraw, Hee-Chel Nam, The-Hung Quach
Look Development Leads: Kuan Lin, Adam Martinez, Joe Strasser
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MM/Rotomation Senior Coordinator: Chirag
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Layout Supervisor: Brian C. Doman
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Cloth Lead: Gavin Badger Baxter
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2D Paint/Roto: Kim Headstrom
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2D Roto: Uma Maheswari. C
Lighting Leads: Ben Aguillon, Ruben Flores, Chris Hung, Mike Jiang, Brian Kloc, Nicholas Loy, Cosku Turhan
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Resource APM: Mark Dietel
Technical Support Lead: Noel Eaton
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Reference Photographer: Christopher Hebert
Shading Engineer: Lee Kerley
Software Engineers: Dave Krieger , Sean Looper , Mathew Selby , Geo Snelling , Andrea K. Solis
Systems Engineers: Nick Bali, David Miya, Mike Trujillo
Production Services Developer: Zachary Connolly
Additional Matchmove Support: Yannix

Visual Effects by: Luma pictures
Executive VFX Supervisor: Payam Shohadai
VFX Supervisor: Vincent Cirelli
VFX Producer: Steven Swanson
Digital Production Manager: Michael Perdew
CG Supervisors: Richard Sutherland, Pavel Pranevsky
Animation Supervisor: Raphael A. Pimentel
Roto & Paint Supervisor: Glenn Morris
Sequence Supervisor: H Haden Hammond
Lead Digital Coordinator: Catherine Hughes
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Digital Coordinator: Derek Weil
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Tracking/Matchmove: Lenny Gordon, Ruy Delgado
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Effects TD: John Cassella
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Lead Roto/Paint: Jessica Bakke
Roto/Paint: Garrett Wycoff, Chelsea Goodchild
Head of Business Development: Lindsay Hallett
Business Relations Associate: Marla Neto

Visual Effects by: Digiscope
Visual Effects Supervisor: Dion Hatch
Visual Effects Producer: Mary Stuart
Digital Effects Supervisor: Brennan Prevatt
Senior Compositing Supervisor: Fortunato Frattasio
Artists: Mike "Pharoah" Barrett, Danny Mudgett, Robert Montgomery, Tom Lamb, Lexi Hanson, David Alexander, Robb Ozaeta, Enid Dalkoff, Alex Unruh, Jessica Vliet, Brandon Perlow, Grant Moyer
Visual Effects Editor: Sean Rourke
Visual Effects Coordinators: Joseph Shahood, Natasha Sattler
Production Assistant: Allen Mescari
Production Accounting: Betsy Edgeworth

Visual Effects by: Evil Eye Pictures
Visual Effects Supervisor: Matt McDonald
Visual Effects Co-Supervisor: Daniel P. Rosen
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Composite Supervisor: Steve Jaworski
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CG Supervisor: Noah Vice
Environments Lead: Dennis A. Martin
Character FX TD: Nathan Arbuckle
Matte Painter: Guy Riessen
Editorial & Paint/Roto Supervisor: Aaron Rhodes
Matchmove Supervisor: Dan Sukiennik
Matchmove Artists: Kathy Carlston, Jin Yong Kim, Charles Schwartz
Visual Effects Production Manager: Ruheene Masand
Pipeline & Tools: Dan Browne

Visual Effects by: Method Studios
VFX Supervisor: Matt Dessero
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VFX Coordinator: Ryan Gaul
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Compositing Supervisor: Troy Moore
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Lighting: Alex Lee
Tracking: Tom Stanton, Eugene Paluso

3D VFX Services Provided by: Legend3D
Compositing Supervisor: Adam Ghering
Senior Producer: Matt Akey
Lead Stereo Compositor: Keith Kolod
Stereo Coordinator: D. Lee Libbett

Main Title Sequence and End Title Designed by: Garson Yu and yU+Co
End Crawl by: Scarlet Letters

Production Designer: Robert Stromberg
Supervising Art Directors: Stefan Dechant, Todd Cherniawsky
Art Directors: Andrew Jones, Iain McFadyen, John Lord Booth III, Meghan Rogers, Domenic Silvestri
Assistant Art Directors: Arte Contreras, Darrell Wight
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Prop Shop Foreman: Gregory Bryant
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Concept Illustrators: Dylan Cole, Jonathan Bach, Michele Moen, Victor Martinez, Dawn Brown Manser, Warren Manser, Yuri Bartoli, Dean Tschetter
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Animatic Artist: Jeremy W. Thompson
Previsualization by: The Third Floor
Previs Supervisors: Barry Howell, Trevor Tuttle
Postvis Co-Supervisor: Scott Hankel
Previs Producers: Natanya Marks, Nathan Santell
Asset Supervisor/VAD Lead: Brian Pace
Lead Artist: Tony Cabrera
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Previs Editor: Paul Hart
Previs Executive Producer: Chris Edwards
Art Department Coordinator: Lindsay Good
Researcher: Pierre Bunikiewicz
Construction Coordinator: Jeff Passanante
General Construction Foreman: James M. Davis
Labor Foremen: John Leone, James "Wrangler" Baker
Plaster Supervisor: Ernest Lopez, Jr.
Propmaker Foremen: Ken A. White, Abe Sanders, Bob Decourt, Sean W. Clouser, Sam Mendoza
On Set Propmaker: Sergey A. Mazurov
Lead Sculptor: David Tye
Sculptors: Jonathan Burdeshaw, Val I. Drake, Kenneth Garrett, Clay Granger, Casey Tye
Paint Supervisor: Thomas Brown
Scenic Foreman: Stacy Clinger
Foreman: Donn Cross
On Set Painter: Carmine Goglia
Greens Coordinators: Dan Gillooly, Richard J. Bell
Standby Greens: Robert Loring

Production Controller: Tom Udell
Production Accountant: Merrilee Dale Reynolds
First Assistant Accountant: Sherry Lynn Sirmons
Key Second Assistant Accountant: Peggy Chen
Second Assistant Accountants: Carol Apczynski, Andrea Amato, Michele Horn
Art Department & Post Accountant: Joanne Woodward
Visual Effects Accountant: Evan Feuerman
Second Unit Accountant: Kelly Snyder
Payroll Accountant: Kathleen "MK" Shaw
Technical Supervisor: Brandon Frederick Jones
Technical Assistant: Christopher Loveday
Production Secretary: TonyLee Nelson
Department Production Assistants: Zade Akkad, Matt Casey, Anne Costa, Ted Demski, Michael Flavin, Kurt Gefke, Liz Georgoff, Brittany Gilpin, Kaitlin R. Gladen, Danielle Hein, Sean Jones, Chelsea Mondelli, Kirsten Oglesby, Chris Raby, Rick Radomski, Bobby Sayers, Johannah Scarlet, Clayton Shank, Earl V. Thielen, Aisling Warren, Josh Wenson, Schuyler Whitesell, Chris R. Williams, Claire Williams
Set Production Assistants: Amber Axelton, Kit Conners, Sarah DeBoer, Justin Dybowski, Alina Gatti, Adam Morgan, Sahir Rashid, Sarah Scrivener, Sarah Snyder, Brian Sutherin
Set Production Assistants (Second Unit): Jennifer Meligan, Lana Rivkina, Mario Passera
Assistant to Mr Raimi: Paul Merryman
Assistant to Mr Roth: Jayme Carr-Mendoza
Assistants to Mr Curtis: Jeremy Wheeler, Zach Zoller
Assistant to Mr Patel: Natalie Testa
Assistant to Mr Donen: Zander Lehmann
Assistant to Mr Steuer: Chris Kuhl
Assistant to Mr McNair: Katie Garagiola
Assistant to Mr Franco: Anna Kooris
Assistant to Ms Kunis: Brady Kephart
Assistant to Ms Weisz: Susie Talbot
Assistant to Ms Williams: Ray Gordon II
Assistant to Mr Braff: Mark Thudium
Choreographer: Lesley Kay
Carnival Choreographer: Sebastien Stella
Magic Consultant: Lance Burton
Travel Coordinator: Tiffany Lanier
Assistant Travel Coordinator: Brandon T. Williams
Transportation Coordinator: Geno Hart
Transportation Captains : Glenn E. Mathias, Michael Connor, David Schmidt
Transportation Co-Captain: Adam Pinkstaff
Dispatcher: Christina Schmidt
Drivers: David Mark Goodman, Milain Antoun, Archie Bane, Robert Barnes, Michael A. Bjerke, André Gene Bufalini, Al Claramunt, Royden C. Elliott, Marc Grace, Suzanne C. Grasso, Jason Harmer, David B. Jackson, Mike Jones, Andrew Kelly, LeRoy Knudsen, Ronald Kudzia, Raymond Landino, William "Lucky" Neckrock, James A. Rubbo, Kenneth W. Stevens, Victor Venegas
Unit Publicist: Ernie Malik
EPK Producer: Chris Miller
EPK Camera: Troye Jenkins, John J. Moers
Animals Provided by: Birds & Animals Unlimited
Animal Coordinator: Mark Forbes
Horse Stunt Coordinator: Tad Griffith
Driver/Wrangler: Noel Phillips
Wrangler: Reid Overstreet
Bird Trainers: Larry Madrid, Larry Payne, Tony Suffredini
Environmental Stewards: Julie Etheridge, Bradley Charles Etheridge
Catering: Catering by Allstar, Rick Firkins, Salvador DeAnda, Nick Firkins, Luis Moreno, Johnny Stockard, Cormick A. Fearon, Michael D. Giannini
Craft Service: Kind Services, Inc.
Craft Service Coordinator: Bryan Meganck
Production Physician: Dr. Scott Grant
Stage Medics: Laura Wilson, Santos Reyes Jr.
Studio Teacher: Eva Jensen
Oz Stand-In: Brian Hagerty
Theodora Stand-In: Mia Serafino
Evanora Stand-In: Sarah Stiteler
Glinda Stand-Ins: Ashley Siloac, London Moore

Camera Cranes & Dollies by: Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc.
Shot on RED cameras
Lenses and other equipment provided by: Panavision

Filmed in Pure Michigan

The producers wish to thank: The State of Michigan and The City of Pontiac; Michigan Motion Picture Studios - Linden Nelson, Steven Lemberg, Anthony Wenson, Joel Zimmerman; Michigan State University Drumline

Stunt Coordinator: Scott Rogers
Assistant Stunt Coordinator: Randy Beckman
Utility Stunts: Ryan Gray, Ele Bardha, John Bentley, Chad Bowman, Ariel M. Carlson, Keith Campbell, Andy Cheng, Brandon Ryan Cornell, Chris Daniels, Jake Dewitt, Arturo Joe Dickey, Steve Finley, Charles Grisham, Randy Haynie, Erin I. Herman, Sara Holden, Dan Lemieux, Michael S. McGuire, London Moore, Matt Philliben, Andrea Rogers, Jeff Sanders, Peter B. Simpson, Nancy Lee Thurston, Michael Trisler, Kyle Weishaar, Amber Whelan, Otis D. Winston, Keith Woulard, Tad Griffith
Stunt Programmers: Casey Roche, Keone Kim

Casting by: John Papsiders
Casting Associate: Jennifer Cram
Casting Assistant: Dylan Jury
Extras Casting: Tracy Dixon
Extras Casting Associates: Christopher Shefstad, David Kramer


James Franco (Oz)
Mila Kunis (Theodora/Wicked Witch of the West)
Rachel Weisz (Evanora)
Michelle Williams (Annie/Glinda)
Zach Braff (Frank/Finley)
Bill Cobbs (Master Tinker)
Joey King (girl in wheelchair/China girl)
Tony Cox (Knuck)
Stephen R. Hart (Winkie General)
Abigail Leigh Spencer (May)
Bruce Campbell (Winkie gate keeper)
Ted Raimi (skeptic in audience)
Tim Holmes (strongman)
Toni Wynne (strongman's wife)
Rob Crites (firebreather)
William Dick (front gate barker)
Gene Jones (Wild West barker)
John Lord Booth III (Oz's tent barker)
Suzanne Keilly (concessioner)
Shannon Murray (girl in wheelchair's mother)
Ralph Lister (girl in wheelchair's father)
John Michael Manfredi, Robert Stromberg (disgruntled Kansas men)
Channing Pierce (coochie girl)
Brian Searle (clown)
Russell Bobbitt (Mr Baum)
Julie Gershenson (Quadling greeter)
Dan Nelson (Quadling man with flowers)
TJ Jagodowski (Quadling mayor)
John Paxton (elder Tinker)
Melissa Exelberth (Quadling woman with broom)
Steve Forbes (Quadling farmer)
Arnold Agee (Quadling blacksmith)
Deborah Puette (Quadling baker)
Julius Kline III (Quadling scarecrow maker)
Theresa Tilly (Quadling seamstress)
Betsy Baker, Ellen Sandweiss (Quadling women)
Isabella Shepard, Sasha Reynolds, Ja'Vonne Cousins, Victoria Lurz (Quadling children)
Dashiell Raimi (Quadling bugle boy)
Oliver Raimi (Quadling drummer boy)
Brandon Hamilton (singing/dancing Munchkin)
Stevie "Puppet" Lee (Munchkin carriage driver)
Martin Klebba (Munchkin rebel)
Danielle Ragland (female Munchkin rebel )
Bart McCarthy, Timothy Patrick Quill (Emerald City Men)
Nicholas Lindsay-Abaire (Emerald City boy)
Bill E. Rogers, Danny Hicks, Mia Serafino, LaNika Wise, Mikayla Bouchard, Nellie Ann Prestine-Lowery, Emma Raimi, Jayne Violassi, Jay Schwalm, Wendy Cutler, Jim Bird, Kenneth D. Ciszewski, Chester F. Guilmet, Bob Buck, Jim Moll (Emerald City citizens)
Dancing Munchkins: Bernard A. Allemon, Dan Cota, Dale Drew, Spencer Frost, Dan Gruenwald, Lil Jon Flip, Eduardo Piedra, Eric Potts, Jordan Rafael, Adam Romano, David Spradlin, Mani Love, Mike Witous, Cristophe Zajac-Denek

China Girl Marionette Artist: Phillip Huber
Puppeteers: David Wogh, Bert Beatson


The following cast did not receive credit in the film:
Matthew Vallelunga [dancing Munchkin]
Brandon William Beckman, Robert Michael Bell, Troy Benton, Wayne Brinston, James Dorda, AJ Dunn, Jesse Ekpene, Isaac Ellis, Craig Gubert, Don Hewitt Sr., Brian Mills, Marty Murray, Kyle Mitchell Pacek, Colin Potts, Jason Shupe, Theo Williamson, David Wolfley, Danny Wynands, Todd Forsberg, Noel Phillips [utility stunts]

The following cast has been cut from the film:
Fashon Vega [town crier]
Ashley Siloac [Qualdling woman #2]
Brian Hagerty [man with funny hat]
Jenna Rothstein [Quadling woman #5]
Jana Veldheer [mother]
Samuel Slocum [little boy]
Ronald Coden [Emerald City old man]
Kristin Riley [Glinda's maiden]
Julia Wynne Metas [Quadling kid #5]
Amy Sutherland [angry townswoman]
Matthew Dakho [Emerald City man #2]


Theatrical Distributors: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (2013)

Theatrical Distributors: Forum Hungary (2013)

Theatrical Distributors: Walt Disney Studios (2013)

Theatrical Distributors: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (2013)

Theatrical Distributors: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (2013)

Theatrical Distributors: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (2013)


Rating: Livre

Rating: PG (for sequences of action and scary images, and brief mild language)
MPAA: 48112


25: USA - filming begins

22: USA - filming ends

7: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Republic of Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Thailand, Ukraine - theatrical release
8: Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Taiwan, Turkey, UK, USA - theatrical release
13: Belgium, France - theatrical release
14: Netherlands - theatrical release
15: Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden - theatrical release
27: Spain - theatrical release


Find yourself in Oz.

The land you know. The story you don't.

Oz will amaze.


Empire no.287 (May 2013) pp.46-47 (UK)
"Sam Raimi, who has been playing with Oz imagery ever since the animated evil trees of The Evil Dead, is among the few filmmakers who see 3D as a liberation rather than a commercially-mandatory inconvenience. This matches Dredd in its inventive, impressive use of the third dimension to give its world depth, texture and added wondrousness. Unlike most wussy contemporary directors of 3D films [...] he understands 1950s dimensional showmanship and takes care to throw spears, piranha-plant tendrils and other items at the centre stalls with infectious glee. Given that we know how this story must end up, with the man behind the curtain and good and bad witches at the appropriate compass points of Oz, there’s still an interesting arc to be had. The protagonist changes from a greedy, shallow, cowardly conman who is as near a sex addict as it’s possible to be in a PG film into an arrant fraud who nevertheless is a half-way fit ruler of the land whose name he shares. Franco's grin and charm help a potentially hateful character skate by, as the would-be wizard discovers an urge to live up to the trust put in him by his naive companions [...] and starts playing Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court steampunk games to match the witches' magic with technological know-how and bamboozling showmanship. It may be that this is the ultimate Hollywood wish-fulfilment fantasy, even beyond Argo: here, the world is saved by a special effects artist, not a singing farmgirl with a bucket." - from an illustrated review by Kim Newman


Empire no.287 (May 2013) pp.46-47 (UK)
illustrated review (by Kim Newman)