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Welcome to EOFFTV
The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television
Currently home to 12,506 entries



EOFFTV - The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television - is huge and constantly growing database of horror, science fiction, fantasy and and animation in film and television. The original version of the site was created in 2001 with the "wikified" version following in 2010. At the moment, we're still transferring files from the old site and this is taking some time but we're getting there. All new additions are listed to the right and the site is updated almost every day.

You may also like to visit our sister site, the self-explanatory The EOFFTV Review, which contains several hundred reviews though while the migration from one version of the main EOFFTV site to the other is taking place, the Review is not being updated.

March 2013: Work is continuing (slowly!) on moving all the pages from the old EOFFTV into the new "wikified" version and is taking much longer than anticipated. In the meantime, a new feature has been added, a Multi Category Search function allowing you to search for entries by up to five categories. Give it a try and if there are any problems, please let us know!

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There are currently the following number entries on EOFFTV:

5,347 Films
1,446 Television Series
3,984 Television Episodes
4 Television Mini Series
9 OVA Series
21 Music Videos
1 Webcasts
957 Documentaries
28 Advertisements
1,412 Individuals
30 Organisations
7 Groups

There are currently 12,506 entries on EOFFTV.

EOFFTV is running on Mediawiki 1.16.0

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