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Jeanne d'Arc (1999)

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Country of Origin: France
Year of Production: 1999
Running Times: 148m (USA), 160m (France)
Format: 35mm film, Technovision
Colour Format: colour
Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1
Sound: DTS, Dolby EX 6.1, SDDS
Language: English
Article Grading: D (what does this mean?)


An French historical drama with fantasy sequences


Against the backdrop of the Hundred Years War, 13 year old French girl Jeanne starts to have visions and finds a sword. Six years after the destruction of her town by English troops, she sets out on a crusade to remove the invading English from France, driven by her religious visions. But Jeanne, now aged just 19, is soon on trial in an English court, accused of witchcraft and heresy...


Giovanna d'Arco - Italian title
Jeanne d'Arc - Danish, Finnish title
Jeanne d'Arc, az Orleans-i szuz - Hungarian title
Joan of Arc - Australian, UK title
Joana d'Arc - Brazilian, Portugese title
Juana de Arco - Argentinian title
Luc Besson's Johanna von Orleans - German title
Messenger, The: The Story of Joan of Arc - US title


Director: Luc Besson


Gaumont, Leeloo Productions
Executive Producers: Marc Jenny, Oldrich Mach
Producer: Patrice Ledoux
Co-Producer: Luc Besson
Production Managers: Bernard Grenet, Patrick Millet, Thierry Guilmard
Production Manager (Prague): Michal Prikryl
Unit Manager: Marc Guidetti
Production Coordinator: Véronique Zimmer
Unit Production Coordinator: Zdenek Flídr

Script: Luc Besson, Andrew Birkin

2nd Unit Directors: Gérard Krawczyk, Jean-Paul Meurisse, Pascal Chaumeil
1st Assistant Directors: Frédéric Garson, Stéphane Gluck
2nd Unit 1st Assistant Directors: Anne Gilles, Laurent Brégéat
2nd Assistant Directors: Gwénaelle Daujon, Jordane LaFourcade, Laurene Cabillon, Stephane Moreno-Carpio
3rd Assistant Director: Frantisek Rezek
Assistant Director (Czech Republic): Dusan Vodak
Script Supervisors: Aruna Villiers, Donatienne de Goros

Director of Photography: Thierry Arbogast
2nd Unit Directors of Photography: Gérard Sterin, Jean-Pierre Sauvaire
Helicopter Unit Camera Operator: Dominique Cento
2nd Unit Camera Operator: Bertrand Chatry, Jean-Paul Meurisse
Steadicam Operators: Pierre Morel, Michel Rodas
Technocrane Operator: David Campbell
Assistant Camera: Sophie Bosquet, Zdenek Mrkvicka
2nd Assistant Camera: Michael B. Moers
Focus Pullers: Sophie Bosquet, Alain Dutartre
2nd Unit Focus Puller: Alain Bolle, Jean-Paul Agostini, Marie-Laure Prost
Head Gaffer: Claude Hirsch
Gaffers: Benoît Lemercier, Loïc Jouan, Luc Rondeau, Luis Peralta, Philippe Pantanella
Key Camera Grip: Jean-Pierre Mas
Grips: Pierre Garnier, Gilles Floquet, Jean-Pierre Gesbert, Rene Basso, Thierry Alais
2nd Unit Grips: Christian Meynard, Cyril Kuhnholtz
Stills: Jack English

Editing: Sylvie Landra
Assistant Editor: Yann Hervé
Colour Timer: Yvan Lucas
Transfer and Digitization Manager: Karine Marchandou

Music, Conductor: Eric Serra
Music Performed by: Eric Serra (synthesizer); The London Session Orchestra
Orchestrations: Geoffrey Alexander
Music Recordist: Ulrich Schneider
Synthesizer Music Recordist, Mixer: Didier Lozahic
Musical Assistant: Sébastien Cortella

"My Heart Calling"
By Eric Serra, Luc Besson
Performed by Noa

Sound Designer, Recordist: Vincent Tulli
2nd Unit Sound Recordist: Yunus Acar
Sound Mixer: François Groult
Boom Operator: Ken Yasumoto
Re-Recording Mixers: Bruno Tarrière, François Groult
Assistant Sound Editors: Anne Delacour, Frédérique Lebel, Ken Yasumoto
Sound Editing and Mixing: Digital Factory
ADR Engineers: Bruno Tarrière, François Groult
ADR Assistant: Marc-Antoine Belledent
Foley Engineers: Bruno Tarrière, François Groult
Foley Artist: Jérôme Lévy
Foley Artist Assistant: Pascal Mazière
Foley Assistant: Marc-Antoine Belledent
Sound Post-Production: Digital Factory

Costume Designer: Catherine Leterrier
Costume Supervisors: Anne David, Olivier Bériot, Patrick Lebreton, Thierry Delettre
Wardrobe: Karen Serreau, Laurence Nicolas
Key Make Up: Magali Ceyrat, Marianne Collette
Make Up: Ivana Chlostova
Assistant Make Up: Nadine Dumas, Linda Reif
Hair: Fabienne Bressan, Christine Leaustic, Ghislaine Tortereau, Nathalie Champion
Hair for Milla Jovovich: Fabio Campora
Assistant Hair: Nadine Dumas

Special Make Up Effects: Fabrice Herbet, Kuno Schlegelmilch
Special Effects Assistant Make Up: Franck Monelli, Gerald Mignotte, Martial Germain, Morgan Hildebrand
Special Effects Hair: Kuno Schlegelmilch

Special Effects: Duboi
Special Effects Executive Producer: Antoine Simkine
Special Effects Producer: Delphine Le Roch
Special Effects Supervisor: Georges Demetrau
Special Effects Assistant Coordinator: Sara Helminger
Head Set Special Effects: Grégoire Delage
Special Effects Technicians: Alain Couty, Denis Duplex, Olivier Zenenski, Pascal Fauvelle
Special Effects Property Men: Didier Ledanturier, Raph Salis
Special Effects Locksmith: Jean-Claude Houbard

Visual Effects Supervisor: Alain Carsoux
Visual Effects Production Manager: Pascal Giroux
Visual Effects Director: Pitof
3D Supervisor: Nicolas Rey
Model Maker Supervisor: Gilles Guerber
Digital Editing Supervisor: Michael E. Phillips
Matte Painting Director: Jean-Marie Vives

Production Designer: Hugues Tissandier
Art Director: Alain Paroutaud
Art Director (Czech Republic): Alain Paroutaud
Set Decorators: Robert Le Corre, Ronald Meanti, Alain Pitrel
Set Dresser: Guy Montbillard
Dressers: Christophe Garcia, Jacques Mazuel, Sebastien Peronne
2nd Unit Dressers: Annick Redon, Élodie Desautels
Property Master: Marc Pinquier
2nd Unit Property Masters: Alain Evrard, Jean-Michel Bar
Property Master (Czech Republic): Karel Vanásek
Set Property Man: Pierre Bandin
Head Construction Grips: Bernard LaTouche, Bertrand Laval, Jean-Jacques Chapelle
Plasterer Supervisor: André Marchandet
Art Department Coordinator (Czech Republic): Pavel Nový
Art Director Assistants: Christian Vallat, Gerard Drolon, Gilles Baillot, Jean Castelnau, Jean-Pascal Chalard, Pascal Peignet
Draftsman Supervisor: Jacques Kazandian
Landscape Scenic Artist: Claude Pollan
Sculptor Supervisors: Francis Poirier, Brigitte Renard

Production Accountant: Romuald Drault
Head Accountant (Czech Republic): Jan Peterka
Assistant Accountant: Jiri Tichacek
Accounting Assistant: Alain Dominiecki
Financial Controller: Monique Pautas
Production Secretaries: Florence Forney, Tereza Kalova
Assistant Secretary: Sophie Lifschitz
Production Office Assistants: Françoise Le Goff, Verone Silla
Production Assistant: Louis Leterrier
Assistant to Dustin Hoffman: Shelley Barbour
Assistant to Faye Dunaway: Philippe Bénard
Assistant to John Malkovich: Bruno Guilhem
Assistant to Luc Besson: Nicolas De Loren-Anno
Assistant to Milla Jovovich: Marine Lafon
Locksmith Supervisor: Michel Courtemanche
Interpreter: Lenka Pavlakova
2nd Unit Interpreter: Martina Götthansova
Accomodation Captain: Veronika Horka
Dialogue Coaches: Pol Moussoulides, Cameron Watson
Acting and Dialogue Coaches for Milla Jovovich: Mel Churcher, Vernice Illier-Moskowitz
Armourers: Glen English, Michael Johnson, Nel Pinnell, Terry English
Chaperone for Jane Valentine: Richard Edwards
Production Crowd Coordinators: Cédric Fréni, Sébastien Protat
Production Crowd Coordinator (Czech Republic): Petr Splichal
Production Horse Coordinator (Czech Republic): Markéta Hodousková
Research and Development Manager: Rip O'Neil
Transportation Captain: Barbora Jurkovicova
Helicopter Pilot: Roland Ory
Historical Advisor: Olivier Bousy
Production Runners: Jiri Kotlas, Lenka Kadlecova

Locations: Bruntal, Czech Republic; Razova, Czech Republic; Paris, France; Périgord, France; Sées, France
Location Managers: Arnaud Le Roch, Arnaud Putman, Bobane Veselinovic, Didier Hoarau, Fabrice Champion, Marc Guidetti, Stéphane Reus, Thierry Crépin, Vladimir Houbard, Yves Bogdan, Zdenek Fiala
Assistant Location Managers: Frank Lebreton, Patrick Le Coc

Stunts: Ipon
Stunt Co-Ordinator (Czech Republic): Jirí Kuba
Stunt Supervisor: Philippe Guégan
Stunt Supervisor Assistants: Pascal Guégan, Yannick Derrien
Stunts Performers: Christian Hening, Cyril Cuenel Raffaelli, Alain Grellier, Daniel Breton, Philippe Morel, Alain Barbier, Albert Goldberg, Frédéric Vallet, Gilles Conseil, Jean-Marc Bellu, Lionel Vitrant, Marcel Labbaye, Michel Bouis, Orville Hertel, Pascal López, Patrick Médioni, William Cagnard
Stunt Double for Milla Jovovich: Catherine Robert
Horse Stunts Supervisor: Mario Luraschi
Horse Stunts: Christian Barbier, Christian Bergner, Didier Michel, Eric Tonetto, Guillaume Castillon, Hugues Dalmagro, Laurent Devrieze, Marc Teterel, Pascal Chemel, Patrice Cossoneau, Patrick Steltzer, Philippe Zone
Horse Stunt Double for Milla Jovovich: Miriam Caumes
Horses Stunts Assistant: Pascal Madura

Casting: Lucinda Syson
Casting (France): Nathalie Cheron
Extras Casting: Todd Thaler
Children Casting: Juliana Resperonne, Nathalie Guillaume
Casting Assistant: Virginia Murray
Casting Assistant (France): Claire Hammond


Milla Jovovich (Joan of Arc)
Dustin Hoffman (the sonscience)
Faye Dunaway (Yolande D'Aragon)
John Malkovich (Charles VII)
Tchéky Karyo (Dunois)
Vincent Cassel (Gilles de Rais)
Pascal Greggory (The Duke of Alençon)
Richard Ridings (La Hire)
Desmond Harrington (Aulon)
Timothy West (Pierre Cauchon)
Rab Affleck (comrade)
Stéphane Algoud (look out)
Edwin Apps (Bishop)
David Bailie, David Barber, Timothy Bateson, Dominic Borrelli (English judges)
Christian Barbier, Christian Bergner, Patrice Cossoneau, Eric Tonetto (captains)
David Begg (nobleman - Rouen's castle)
Andrew Birkin (Talbot)
John Boswall (old priest)
Matthew Bowyer (bludgeoned French soldier)
Paul Brooke (Domremy's priest)
Bruce Byron (Joan's father)
Charles Cork (Vaucouleur's priest)
Tony D'Amario (Compiegne's mayor)
Serge Fournier, Daniel Daujon, Gérard Krawczyk (church's peers - coronation)
Tonio Descanvelle (Xaintrailles)
Philippe Du Janerand (Dijon)
Sylviane Duparc (Mary of Anjou's lady's companion)
Barbara Elbourn (the aunt)
Christian Erickson (La Trémoïlle)
Tara Flanagan (woman - Rouen's castle)
David Gant (The Duke of Bedford)
Sid Golder (cell guard)
Jessica Goldman (Duchess of Bedford's lady's companion)
Framboise Gommendy (Joan's mother)
Robert Goodman (Blackbeard)
Jean-Pierre Gos (Laxart)
Joanne Greenwood (Catherine)
Bernard Grenet (Senlis' Bishop)
Valerie Griffiths (the hag)
Timothee Grimbalt (conscience - child)
Richard Guille (English guard - Rouen's castle)
Thierry Guilmard, Didier Hoarau, Franck Ledreton (assessors)
Jerome Hankins (nobleman - Rouen's castle)
Jacques Herlin (Orleans' priest)
Len Hibberd (comrade)
Vera Jakob (woman at the cemetery)
Michael Jenn (The Duke of Burgundy)
Toby Jones, Philip Philmar, Brian Poyser, Ralph Riach, Peter Whitfield (English judges)
Richard Leaf (conscience - young man)
Joseph Malerba (Beaurevoir's guard)
Bruno Flender, Dominique Marcas, Joseph Rezwin, Frédéric Witta (Poitiers' inquisitors)
Eric Mariotto (young monk)
René Marquant (Rouen's priest)
Carl McCrystal (Glasdale)
Gina McKee (The Duchess of Bedford)
Phil McKee (Red Beard)
Simon Meacock (the teeth soldier)
John Merrick (Regnault de Chartres)
Joseph O'Conor (Poitiers' chief inquisitor)
Quentin Ogier (Louis)
Kevin O'Neill (scribe at Process)
Mélanie Page (young girl in bath)
Brian Pettifer (the executioner, torturer at Process)
Enee Piat (monk at coronation)
Irving Pompepui (Louis XI - 5 years old)
Olivier Rabourdin (Richemont)
Vincent Regan (Buck)
René Remblier (Dijon's assistant)
Mark Richards (corridor guard in Rouen)
Malcolm Rogers (Bishop)
Tara Römer (Gamaches)
Julie-Anne Roth (young girl in bath)
Olga Sékulic (Mary of Anjou)
Joseph Sheridan (canon)
Vincent Tulli (Orleans' physician)
Jane Valentine (Joan - 8 years old)
Jemima West (girl)
Tat Whalley (Raymond)


Theatrical Distributor: Columbia TriStar Films de Argentina
Video Distributor: LK-TEL

Theatrical Distributor: Renaissance Egypt Company

Theatrical Distributor: Gaumont Buena Vista International

Theatrical Distributor: Columbia TriStar Film GmbH
DVD Distributor: Columbia, Tristar (29081)

DVD Distributor: Columbia, Tristar (CDR 29081)

Theatrical Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment
DVD Distributor: Columbia, Tristar (04607)


Rating: 13

Rating: MA

Rating: 14

Rating: K-16

Rating: U

Rating: 16

Hong Kong
Rating: IIB

New Zealand
Rating: R16

Rating: 15

Rating: M/16

Rating: PG

Rating: 13

Rating: 15

Rating: 12

Rating: 15

Rating: R (for strong graphic battles, a rape and some language)


César Awards, France
Meilleurs costumes (Catherine Leterrier) - winner
Meilleur son (François Groult, Bruno Tarriere, Vincent Tulli) - winner
Meilleur film - nominated
Meilleur réalisateur (Luc Besson) - nominated
Meilleure photographie (Thierry Arbogast) - nominated
Meilleur montage (Sylvie Landra) - nominated
Meilleure musique (Eric Serra) - nominated
Meilleurs décors (Hugues Tissandier) - nominated

Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards, USA
Sierra Award Best Costume Design (Catherine Leterrier) - nominated
Sierra Award Best Production Design (Hugues Tissandier) - nominated

Motion Picture Sound Editors, USA
Golden Reel Award Best Sound Editing: Foreign Feature (Marc-Antoine
Beldent, Anne Delacour, François Groult, Jérôme Lévy, Frédérique Lebel, Pascal Maziere, Bridget O'Driscoll, Bruno Tarriere, Vincent Tulli, Ken Yasumoto) - winner

Razzie Awards, USA
Worst Actress (Milla Jovovich) - nominated


15: France - filming begins

Day Unknown: France - filming ends

18: USA - theatrical premiere
27: Belgium, France, Switzerland (French speaking region) - theatrical release
30: Japan - shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival

12: USA - theatrical release

17: Brazil- theatrical release; Taiwan - shown at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
26: Iceland, Norway - theatrical release

1: Taiwan - theatrical release
13: Germany, Slovenia - theatrical release
14: Mexico - theatrical release
19: Egypt - theatrical release
20: Hong Kong, Hungary - theatrical release
21: Italy - theatrical release
24: Czech Republic - shown at the Febio Film Festival
28: Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Sweden - theatrical release

3: Australia, Israel, New Zealand - theatrical release
17: Singapore - theatrical release
18: Poland - theatrical release
24: Czech Republic - theatrical release
25: Estonia, Thailand - theatrical release

2: Argentina - theatrical release
10: UK - theatrical release

4: USA - DVD release (Columbia, Tristar (04607))
6: Malaysia - theatrical release
20: Netherlands - theatrical release

11: Germany - DVD release (Columbia, Tristar (29081))

13: UK - DVD release (Columbia, Tristar (CDR 29081))

25: UK - television broadcast (on Sky Box Office)

10: UK - television broadcast on Sky Movies


Sight & Sound vol.10 no.1 (January 2000) p.6 (UK)
illustrated note (Burned at the box office)