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Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)

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US 1-sheet poster
Title Card
Country of Origin: USA
Year of Production: 1991
Running Times: 86m [Netherlands]; 88m [Sweden]; 89m [Australia; Spain]; 96m [USA]
Format: 35mm, 3D 'Freddy Vision' sequence
Colour Format: DeLuxe
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Sound: Spectral Recording Dolby Stereo SR


An American horror film directed by Rachel Talalay. The sixth in the long running A Nightmare on Elm Street series, it was - as its title suggests - intended to be the last in the series but its success inspired a further instalment, Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994).


Having slaughtered all of the Elm Street children, Freddy Kreuger tries to move out into the wider world. He recruits the help of his daughter but she is repulsed by her father's powers and prepares to face her father in a duel to the death.


Nightmare on Elm Street 6, A


Nightmare on Elm Street, A (1984)
Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2, A Freddy's Revenge (1985)
Nightmare on Elm Street 3, A Dream Warriors (1987)
Nightmare on Elm Street 4, A The Dream Master (1988)
Nightmare on Elm Street 5, A The Dream Child (1989)

Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)

Scream (1996)
Twin Peaks (1990)
Wizard of Oz, The (1939)


Director: Rachel Talalay


© MCMXCI [1991] New Line Cinema Corporation
A New Line Cinema production
A Rachel Talalay film
From New Line Cinema
Executive Producer: Michael De Luca
Producers: Robert Shaye and Aron Warner
Associate Producer: Michael Knue
Executive in Charge of Production: Deborah Moore
Production Executive: Timothy Gray
Unit Production Manager: Patty Whitcher
Production Coordinator: Paddy Cullen
Asst. Production Coordinator: Michele Lilley

Screenplay: Michael De Luca
Story: Rachel Talalay
Based on characters created by Wes Craven

Director (2nd Unit): Michael Knue
First Assistant Director: Mike Topoozian
1st Assistant Director (2nd Unit): Josh King
Second ASsistant Director: Greg Jacobs
2nd Assistant Director (2nd Unit): James Cohen
2nd 2nd Assistant Directors: Michael A. McCue, Harry Jarvis
Script Supervisor: Corinne Saaranen-Welch
Script Supervisors (2nd Unit): Jan McWilliams, Mindy Rodman

Director of Photography: Declan Quinn
Director of Photography (2nd Unit): Phil Parmet
Additional Photography (2nd Unit): James L. Carter
Camera Operator: C. Mitchell Poole
Steadicam Operators: Mark O'Kane, Randy Nolen, Dan Kneece
1st Assistant Camera: Ed Giovanni
1st Assistant Camera (2nd Unit): Gerard Gorman
2nd Assistant Director: Christopher Hood
2nd Assistant Camera (2nd Unit): Nicholas J. Rivera, James A. Brown
Additional Camera Assistant (2nd Unit): Glen Deitell
Steadicam Assistant: Joe Ritter
Loader: Donal Gilligan
Gaffer: Yoya Mikulic
Gaffer (2nd Unit): Dayton Neitert
Best Boy Electric: Laura Linnman
Best Boy Electric (2nd Unit): Greg Wardell
Electricians: Jim 'Tomcat' Downing, Linda Morgenstern, Brian McElroy, Adam Santelli
Electricians (2nd Unit): Derrick P. Kolus, Duncan Filson
Electrical Trainee: Jeffrey Schulman
Key Grip: Dan Rottman
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Best Boy Grip: Paul Wilkowsky
Best Boy Grip (2nd Unit): Joseph Dianda
Dolly Grip: Levon Besnelian
Dolly Grip (2nd Unit): Dylan Shepard
Grips: Walter J. Royle Jr, Scott Smith, Kevin 'Killer' Smyth
Grips (2nd Unit): William Daimant, Jeff Nemeth
Grip Trainee: Jonathon A. Fedele
Still Photographers: Suzanne Tenner, John Bramley
Lighting & Grip Equipment Supplied by: Paskal Lighting
Camera Systems by: Clairmont Camera

Editor: Janice Hampton
Additional Editing: Erica Huggins
1st Assistant Editors: Jeffrey A. Gottlieb, Dave DeGeus
Assistant Editors: Stuart Sperling, Shawna Callahan, Angela Jackson
Apprentice Editor: Kelley C. Dixon, Chris Ingram, Lynel L. Moore, Jessica Landaw
Assembly Editing: Barry Leiner
Executive in Charge of Post Production: Joseph Fineman
Post Production Supervisor: Ric Keeley
Negative Cutter: Brian Ralph
Process Compositing by: Hansard
Film Processing by: Deluxe
Color by: Deluxe

Music: Brian May
Additional Orchestrations: Maury Sheldon, Michael Linn
Music Supervision: Bonnie Greenberg and Jill Meyers
Music Editor: Prime Cuts Music
Apprentice Music Editor: Gedney Webb
Electronic Music Production: Ashley Irwin
Music Clearances: Media Music Consultants
Music Mix Down: EFX Systems
Music Engineer: Robin Gray
Assistant Engineer: Tanya McGinnis
Production Music Attorney: Rosemary Carroll

"Why Was I Born (Freddy's Dead)"
Written by Pop/Kirst
Produced by Matt Duke & Iggy Pop
Performed by Iggy Pop
Engineered by Steve Gursky
Courtesy of Virgin Records America, Inc.

"I'm Awake Now"
Written by The Goo Goo Dolls
Performed by The Goo Goo Dolls
Engineered & Produced by Michael Van Blum
Courtesy of Metal Blade Records

"Two Days in February"
Written by The Goo Goo Dolls
Performed by The Goo Goo Dolls
Engineered & Produced by Michael Van Blum
Courtesy of Metal Blade Records

"You Know What I Mean"
Written by The Goo Goo Dolls
Performed by The Goo Goo Dolls
Engineered & Produced by Michael Van Blum
Courtesy of Metal Blade Records

"Hold Me Down"
Written by Eric Larson & Brady Hughes
Performed by Johnny Law
Courtesy of Metal Blade Records

"Treat 'Em Right"
Written by Richie Simpson and Howard Thompson
Performed by Chubb Rock
Courtesy of Select Records

"Give Me a Beat"
Written by Kevin Olivercia, Albert Suarez and Sean Metolland
Performed by The Young Lords
Courtesy of Select Records

Written by Douglas Ingle
Performed by Iron Butterfly
Courtesy of Atlantic Records
Courtesy of Warner Special Products

"Remember the Night"
Written by Eric Larson & Brady Hughes
Performed by Johnny Law
Courtesy of Metal Blade Records

"Everything Remains the Same"
Written by Kevin Pearl, David Bierman, Dave Boutette & Dan Allen
Performed by The Junk Monkeys
Courtesy of Metal Blade Records

"Nothing Left To Say"
Written by Jim Matheos
Performed by Fates Warning
Courtesy of Metal Blade Records

Original soundtrack available on Metal Blade Records

Sound Mixer: Mark Weingarten
Sound Mixer (2nd Unit): James Thornton, Richard G. Schexnayder
Boom Operator: Henry Boger
Re-Recording Mixers: Jeffrey J. Haboush, Timothy A. Hoggatt, Robert Appere
Re-Recordists: Walter A. Gest, Greg G. Gest
Sound Editing: Soundbusters
Supervising Sound Editors: Hari Ryatt, Bruce Stubblefield
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Effects Editors: Edward Fassl, Jeff Clark, Maciew Malish, Richard Burton, Andrei Bacha
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Loop Group: Barbara Harris

Costume Designer: Nanrose Buchman
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Key Make-Up/Hair Stylist: Suzanne Parker-Sanders
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Make-Up for Robert Englund: Louis Lazzara, Dayne Johnson
Make-Up/Hair (2nd Unit): Barrie Buckner, Carla Schlesinger

Special Make-Up Effects by: Magical Media Industries, Inc.
Freddy Krueger's Make-Up Created by: David B. Miller

Special Make-Up Effects by: Magical Media Industries, Inc.
Designer/Producer: John Buechler
Production Manager: John Foster
Production Controller: Lyn Buechler
Key Supervisor: Chris Robbins
Special Make-Up Supervisor: Rodd Matsui
Mechanicals: Michael S. Deak, Wayne Toth
Wigs: Marlene Stroller, Jack Bricker
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Set Effects: Geoffrey Brewis, Kevin Hannigan, Ruck Godreyer, Matt Graninger, Paul Hickerson, Joe Hickerson, Beverley McLeish

Special Visual Effects by: Dream Quest Images
Visual Effects Supervisor: Michael Shea
Freddy Vision Visual Effects by: The Chandler Group, John Scheele and Don Baker
Visual Effects Unit Manager: Diana Dru Botsford
Visual Effects Intern: Jeremy Alter

Video and Graphics Displays by: Video Image
Computer Graphic Special Effects by: Video Image
Video Image: Rhonda Gunner, Richard Hollander, Gregory McMurray, John Wash
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Coordinator: Jay Baker
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3-D Portion Photographed with the Homeslab Stereocam
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Titles and Additional Opticals: Hollywood Optical

Production Designer: C.J. Strawn
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Studio Teacher: Sandra McNeil
Set Nurses: Peggy Budd-Lao, Debra Neathery
Medic (2nd Unit): Jennifer Mielziner
Unit Publicist: Barbara Hodgson
Security by: Harry Stanback
Animals Trained by: Brian McMillan, Animal Results Unlimited
Public Relations: Rogers & Cowen
Completion Bond Provided by: Film Finances, Kurt Woolner, Maureen Duffy
Insurance Provided by: Albert J. Ruben Co. Inc., Marsha Ruttledge

Location Managers: Kristi Frankenheimer-Davis, Rick Rothen
Assistant Location Manager: Laura Hallenbrook
Unit Manager (2nd Unit): Paddy Cullen

Special Thanks to: Jack Harvey, Rupert Harvey, Xpress Corporations, Neuville Industries Inc., Bob Fukuyama, Bob Harvey, D.P.A. MacManus, Parts 1 and 2
In Loving Memory: Jon Hart Friedenberg

Stunt Coordinator: Dan Bradley
Stunt Players: Cedric Adams, Rick Barker, Richard L. Blackwell, Lauri Creach, Kelly Darro, Marian Green, Jeff Habberstad, Al Jones, Gary Morgan, Roger Morgan, Noon Orsatti, William Perry, Birgit Schier

Casting: Jane Jenkins, Janet Hirshenson, Roger Mussenden
Casting Assistant: Daniel Shaner
Extras Casting: Star Casting, Mary Santiago, Cheryl Faye


Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger)
Lisa Zane (Dr Maggie Burroughs)
Shon Greenblatt (John Doe)
Lezlie Deane (Tracy)
Ricky Dean Logan (Carlos)
Breckin Meyer (Spencer)
Yaphet Kotto (Doc)
Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr (childless couple)
Elinor Donahue (orphanage woman)
Oprah Noodlemantra (teen on TV)
Cassandra Rachel Frel (little Maggie)
David Dunard (Kelly)
Marilyn Rockafellow (Maggie's mother)
Virginia Peters (woman on plane)
Stella Hall (stewardess)
Lyndsey Fields (Loretta Krueger)
Angelina Estrada (Carlos' mother)
Peter Spellos (Tracy's father)
Tobe Sexton (teen Freddy)
Chason Schirmer (young Freddy)
Michael McRab (Spencer's father)
Matthew Faison (Springwood teacher)
Vic Watterson (officer #1)
Carlease Burke (officer #2)
L.E. Moko (ticket seller)
Warren Harrington (cop in shelter)
Mel Scott-Thomas (security guard)
Jonathan Mazer (angry boy)


Alice Cooper [Freddy's father]
Linnea Quigley [soul in Freddy's chest]


Theatrical Distributor: Hoyts Distribution

Theatrical Distributor: Mcentertainment, S.A.

Theatrical Distributor: New Line Cinema
Video Distributor: New Line Home Video; Columbia/Tristar
Laserdisc Distributor: Image Entertainment (ID2169LI)


Rating: M

Rating: K-16

Rating: -12

Rating: 18

Rating: 16

Rating: 18

Rating: 18

Rating: 15

Rating: 18

Rating: R
MPAA: 31277


Razzie Awards
Worst Original Song (Iggy Pop, Whitey Kirst (aka Whitehorn) for the song Why Was I Born (Freddy's Dead))


5: Germany - theatrical release
13: USA - theatrical release

8: France - theatrical release
10: Sweden - theatrical release
17: UK - theatrical release
31: Spain - theatrical release

24: Finland - theatrical release

24: Brazil - theatrical release

28: USA - laserdisc release (Image Entertainment (ID2169LI))

Day Unknown: UK - television broadcast on Sky Movies

13: UK - television broadcast on Channel Five

24: UK - television broadcast on Channel Five


They saved the best for last.

Evil has finally met its match.

Take Him Home in a Box!


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