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Doghouse (2009)

Country of Origin: UK
Year of Production: 2008
Running Times: 89m
Colour Format: colour
Sound: Dolby Digital


Directed by: Jake West


Copyright: © 2009 Carnaby Film Productions Plc
Production Companies: Carnaby International presents a Carnaby Film Productions Plc film produced in association with Hanover Films (UK) Ltd and Molinare Productions  A Jake West film
Carnaby Executive Producers: Terry Loveday, Andrew Loveday
Hanover Films (UK) Ltd Executive Producers: Terry Stone, Toby Richards, Billy Murray, Mike Diamond
Molinare London Executive Producers: Steve Milne, Mark Foligno, Deepak Sikka
Associate Executive Producers, Simon Feather, Edwin Beardow, Anthony Silver, Lee Richards, Ivor Ponting, Helm Godfrey Partners Ltd, Michael Shadwell, Sandra Shadwell, Glenn Wheeler, Justin Lanchbury, Anthony Rosato - London Film Company Ltd
Produced by: Mike Loveday
Line Producer: Gerry Toomey
Production Manager: Emma Maclennan
Unit Manager: Kevin Lovell

Written by: Dan Schaffer

Second Unit Director: Julian Gilbey
First Assistant Director: Dan Mumford
Second Assistant Director: Frazer Fennell-Ball
Third Assistant Director: Chris Hill
Floor Runner: Josh Muzaffer
Script Supervisor: Carole Salisbury

Director of Photography: Ali Asad
Steadicam/Camera Operator: Michael Monteiro
Focus Pullers: Rami Bartholdy, Mihalis Margaritis
Focus Pullers Daily: Simon Rogers, Chris O'Driscoll
Camera Assistant: Thomas Asad
Camera Assistant/Steadicam Operator: Chris Cummins
Camera Trainee: Anna Avramenko
Camera Department Runner: Kate Asad
Video Assist: Kamal Asad
DIT/Red Camera Consultant: Jeff Brown
Gaffer: Marc Roodhart
Best Boy/ Crane Technician: Ruben Cardol
Electrician: Rolf Roodhart, Pawel Polak
Electrician Daily: Christian Hayes
Key Grip: Andy Dorwart
Dolly Grip: Erny Visser
Stills Photographer: Marc Clayton
Stills Photographer Daily, Nick Wall
Logos: Arri Lighting; Take 2; Molinare

Edited by: Jake West
Additional Editing by: Julian Gilbey, William Gilbey
Color by DeLuxe

Post Production by: Molinare London
Post Production Supervisor: Andrew Dearnley
Senior DI Colourist: Tim Waller
Assistant Editor: Daisy Francis
DI Online Editors: Gareth Parry, Justin Eely
Senior DI Technician: Andy Richards
Digital Film Supervisor: Matt James
DI Technicians: Martin Clough, Steve Knight, Gemma Townsend, Katy Piggott
Film Supervisor: Soren Kloch
Film Consultant: Len Brown

Music Composed by: Richard Wells
Keyboards and Programming: Richard Wells
Additional Programming: Andy Reynolds
Orchestra Leader: Rolf Wilson
Trumpet: Maurice Murphy
Guitar and Harmonica: Fly
Percussion, Guitar and Programming: Andy Reynolds
Saxophone: Andrew McNeill
Music Orchestrated by: Richard Wells and Benjamin Wallfisch
Music Conducted by: Benjamin Wallfisch
Music Supervisor: Peter Hadfield
Score Supervisor: Alison Wright for Air-Edel
Music Recorded at: Air Lyndhurst Studios, London
Recording Engineer: Steve Orchard
Music Mixed at: Friarworks Studio, LA
Mixing Engineer: Mark Curry
Assistant Engineer: Olga Fitzroy
Music Preparation: Mike Hornett
Musician's Contractor: Hilary Skewes and Clarissa Farran for Buick Production Ltd

"She Is the New Thing"
Performed by The Horrors
Written by Badwan, Webb, Spurgeon, Hayward, Cowan
Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd
Courtesy of Polydor UK Ltd under license from
Universal Music Opertaions Limited

"Match of the Day (Offside)"
Composed by Barry Stoller
Published by RAK Publishing Limited
Recorded by Nigel Champion

"Female of the Species"
Performed by Space
Written by James Desmond Edwards, Francis Griffiths, Andrew Parle, Thomas Scott
Published by Hit & Run Music (Publishing) Ltd
Courtesy of Gut Records Limited

"Bad Ass Crazy Lady"
Written by Nigel Champion and Andrew Loveday
Performed by Nigel Champion
Published by Carnaby Media Plc

"Til I'm Dust"
Performed, written and produced by Joe Rose

Sound Recordist: Adam Garstone
Sound Recordist Daily: Carl Homer
Boom Operator: Andrew Rowe
Boom Operator Daily: Justin Smith
Dubbing Mixer: Nigel Squibbs
Assistant Dubbing Mixer: Adam Powell
Dialogue Editor: Filipa Principe
ADR Recording: Dan Johnson
Effects Editor: Aaron Mahoney
Foley Mixer: Simon Epstein
Foley Artists: Claire Mahoney, Jason Swanscott
Foley Editors: Arran Mahoney, Billy Mahoney Jnr, Simon Epstein

Costume Designer: Hayley Nebauer
Assistant Costume Designer: Katie Langrick
Costume Supervisor: Alan Flyng
Chief Costume Cutter: Kate Frampton
Principal Costume Standby: Nina Ayres
Costume Assistant: Hayley Crompton
Senior Costume Maker: Tania Chant
Costume Makers: Becca Krom, Laura Renouf, Kristina Chow, Sarah Tyson, Mirjam Maramaa
Costume Breakdown Artist: Enda Kenny, Beth Howard
Trainee Costume Breakdown Artist: Leonora Fergusson, Lindsey Archer
Costume Buyer: Rachel Maclachlan, Alice Woodward
Makeup Designer: Cate Hall
Makeup & Hair Artists: Liz Boshall, Katie Evans
Makeup Trainee: Ruby-Tuesday O'Leary

Special Effects Makeup Designer: Karl Derrick
MFX Department Coordinator: Deborah Hyde
Prosthetics Makeup Artists: Jennifer Latour, Sarah Lockwood, Robin Pritchard
MFX Artists: Cesar Alonso, Waldo Mason, Justin Pitkethly
MFX Sculptors: Roz Abery, John Slater
MFX Assistant: Sarah Pountney
Makeup Artists: My Alehammar, Hannah Edwards, Pippa Woods
MFX Special Props: Jim Buchan
Animatronics/ Foam Latex: Tim Berry
Costume Fabrication: Jo Glover
MFX Trainees: Sarah Austin, Rosie Chapman
MFX Junior Trainees: Sarah Hallam, Joanna Milazzo, Vikki Muse, Jo Wand, Sarah-Jane Millar, Steve Stiles
Work experience: Noah Overton
MFX Props (USA): Rob Dobbs
Lifecasting (USA): Vincent Gaustini
Special Props and Graphics Services (USA): Phil Steinschneider
Radio Truck Operator: Trevor Kersey
Special Effects Lens Services: Kevin Carter/ 9mmSFX, The Eye Studio, Chiswick
On Set Contact Lens Supervisor: Brenda McKernan
On Set Contact Lens Technician: Aaliya Ali, Vicky Warrington

SFX Supervisor: Scott Macintyre
SFX Assistant: Grenville Charles

Production Designer: Matthew Button
Senior Art Director: Daniela Faggio
Art Director: Peter Arnold
Assistant Art Director: Mike Button, Luke Gledsdale
Set Decorator: Francesca Mauri
Production Buyer: Charlie Lynham
Petty Cash Buyer: Tamzen Grove
Dressing Prop: Nigel Head, Marius Pogaceanu
Standby Prop/ Graphic Designer: Neil Jenkins
Action Vehicles: Elsen Hassani, ELS Action Vehicles
Art Department Coordinator: George Mizen
Art Department Assistant: Alex Toomey
Art Department Runner: Suman Gainda
Concept Art: James Ryman
Construction Manager: Ben Rai Green
Construction Coordinator: Matt Loveday
Construction: Cid, Bubble, John Porter, Gary Porter, Richard Horsham, Pete Borthwick, Mark Pearce
Carpenter: Mark Wallace, Richard Mason, Alistair Plant, Alex Ableman
Head Scenic Artist: Al Pearson
Scenic Artist: Jonathan McLeod
Signwriter: P J Oldreive
Decorators: Scott Weight, Ricky Wayper, Tony Houston
Poster Design: Hoo Ha Ltd

Production Accountant: Clive Waldron
Accounting Services: Johnsons, Haysmacintyre, Shipleys LLP, Steve Joberns, Rajiv Patel
Production Assistant: Judith Lewis
Production Runner: Dean Crawford
Drivers: Tama Asad, Paul Fairminer
EPK: Will Gilbey, Julian Gilbey
Catering: Reel Meels
On Set Medics: Event ProMedical, Christopher Moore, Charlotte Hinchliffe, Steven Hurrell, James Burton
Legal Services: Marriott Harrison
Legal Advisor: Tony Morris
Insurance: AON, Terry O'Neill
Sales Agent: Carnaby Sales & Distribution, Ian Hall, Edrian Wenger

Filmed on location in West Sussex and London, England
Location Manager: Andrew Loveday

The Producers would like to give a very special thanks to all the: Carnaby Film Productions Plc Investors
Special Thanks to: Marc Morris; David & Jenny West; Jennifer Webb; Leon Barnes and Lincoln Holdings Plc; Sally Ure; Dave Comer; All the residents of Hurst Park; Trevor Suall; The Rogers Family; Des and Heather Adeley; Val Button; Guillaume Mutsaars; Robert Cousins; Passion 8; Hornby; Galaxy Models; Apocalypse; Contemporary Props; Wimbledon College of Art;; Ines Gloves; Shires Equestrian; Corder Gloves; Dantan PR,Tom Wolfe; Feraud; Insight 51; Diesel; Fossil watches; Zodiac; Luke; John Hyde; Michael and Megan Thomas; Dermalogica for Precleanse; Bob and Sue Stiles at Kingcobra Racing; Rossendale Models; Paul Corbould; Cliff Wallace; Terri Ikeda/Girlgear Industries; AMO Blink Contacts; Bausch and Lomb; Grafton Optical; Daniel Baylis; Mr and Mrs David Lovell; Cowdry Estate; Murray Cameron Associates; Emma Bell; Sutinder Dulai; Simone Hill; Carly Brampton; Neriman Yusef; Dee Johnson; Lesley Wootton; Carly McCullough; Claire Boniface; Alison Dickenson; Rose Gibson; Steve Murrell; Robert Weemes; Brenda Mann; Kerry Dwyer; Karen Mitchell; Sue Pegram; John Congrave; Matthew Loveday; Lauren Regan; Nigel Champion; Jeramie Sutton; Scott Lloyd; Gary Britten; Ian Hall; Edrian Wenger

Stunt Coordinator: Rocky Taylor
Stunts, Mark Archer, Siobhan Coughlan, Danny Freitas, Andy Merchant, Peter Pedrero, Allison Ryan, Mens-Sana Tamakloe, Maxine Whittaker

Casting Director: Jane Frisby


Danny Dyer (Neil)
Noel Clarke (Mikey)
Emil Marwa (Graham)
Lee Ingleby (Matt)
Keith-Lee Castle (Patrick)
Christina Cole (Candy)
Terry Stone (Gavin)
Neil Maskell (Banksy)
Emily Booth (The Snipper)

Stephen Graham

Victoria Hopkins (the bride)
Deborah Hyde (the barmaid)
Nicola Jane Reading (the witch)
Joelle Simpson (the dentist)
Deborah Perry (Lolly)
Tree Carr (Julie Mini-Mart)
Ria Knowles (pigtails)
Joelle Simpson (zimmer granny)
Lorry O'Toole (Foxy)
Annie Vanders (Bubbles)
Joanne Marie Cutts (the butcher)
Lynda Dagley (the vicar)
Julie Dunne (traffic warden)
Beryl Nesbitt (Mikey's nan)
Jessica Clement (Neil's young woman)
Christopher Elson (Graham's boyfriend)
Adele Silva (Bex)
Caroline Head (Patrick's wife)
Zacchariah Mattoon O'Brien (skateboard kid)
Debbie Flett (hot barmaid)
Toby Richards (mechanic)
Mary Tamm (Meg Nut)
Billy Murray (colonel)
Frank Rizzo (Joe Normal)
Joelle Simpson (hooded woman)
Alison Carroll (the teen)
Jenna Goodwin (Dorothy (fashion victemmes))
Lorry O'Toole (dominatrix)
Danielle Laws (swinger 1)
Roxy Velvet (swinger 2)
Luke Lynch (comic store guy)
Amy Brunette (sassy girl 1)
Tara Scotter (sassy girl 2)
Sophie Pycroft (leggy fence sick chick)
Richard Cooke (eviscerated barman)
Ian Limv & 'Buster' (man with dog)
Amy Clancy (kebab lady)
David Charalambous (Reginald Pawson)

Zombird Army
Caroline Wall (hooded woman)
Erin Williams (punk)
Sophie Challen (country western)
Katie (hooker)
Karen Byrne-Roberts (80's cocktail)
Siobhan Anthony (ballroom)
Carla Akehurst (aerobics 1)
Leonie Turner (aerobics 2)
Carole Doyle (sexy bedtime)
Poppy Scott (villager 1)
Sam Adcock (villager 2)
Melanie Light (space nerd)
Jenna Goodwin (librarian)
Tess Adcock (artist)
Tanya Chant (pregnant)
Carla Huddington (secretary 1)
Nina Ayres (villager 3)
Heather Trott (villager 4)
Judith Lewis (secretary 2)
Celia Gibson (Rabbi's wife)
Aarti Parajia (pyjamas)
Nicola Jane Reading (nightgown)
Mary Maclennan (flower arranger)
Dani Dyer (ballerina)
Faye Adcock (shower)
Tabitha Tudor (mother of the bride)
Natalie Roberts (nurse)
Hayley Crompton (maypole)


A group of men on a weekend trip to the country fall foul of a village full of man-hating female cannibals.


Theatrical Distributors: Vertigo Films (2009)


Rating: 15A

Rating: 15



28: UK - production begins

4: UK - filming begins

16: UK - filming ends


12: UK - theatrical release


The battle of the sexes just got bloody..........


cannibals, churches, gore, military, minibuses, radio-controlled cars, viruses


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